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“Joining The Great Date Challenge reminded me of how much I trust my partner and how much he knows me.”

—Dee, Partnered 15 Years

What happened on the date surprised me and brought us closer than anything else that could have happened.

—Steven, Partnered 6.5 Years

You will LOVE this challenge and will be SURPRISED by what you can experience by dedicating as little as half an hour each week to “go on a date” with the person you love! (of course, I will encourage you to shoot for a few hours each week if you can!)

I have taken all the best tools that I have seen make TREMENDOUS impact on relationships, and translated them into fun dates that will lead to connection, intimacy, curiosity, and laughter.

Every week will be a new discovery, and every week you will be a different person than you were when you started this program - let alone when you met one another!

The date made me feel loved and known. By the end of the night, my mind felt relaxed and our relationship felt stronger.

—Madigan, Partnered 13 Months

By Accepting this Challenge, I’ll lead you on a journey that will allow you to:

  • Be playful: create surprises, and be surprised.
  • Go deeper: you’ll experience deeper presence with - and attention from - your partner.
  • Feel seen: Share tender topics and feel safe being (more) vulnerable with your partner so that you feel seen, heard, and loved by your beloved.
  • Reinvigorate passion: you’ll (re)spark your passion and have (even) better sex and intimacy.
  • Share ownership & balance: you’ll both be able to step into these dates with excitement & confidence… leading to more dates that you both look forward to!
  • (Re)live “New Relationship Energy” (NRE): you’ll revitalize your mutual respect and excitement for your partner, reminiscent of when you both met and felt those “butterflies”.
  • Develop greater understanding of one another: you are both new people every day. How do you see it & honor it?
  • Not only learn how to connect better with your partner, but with every important relationship in your life: these 4 weeks will positively influence the way you connect to your work, your friends, your family, and the world.

It made me realize how easy it is to spend just 30 minutes doing something that can really make us feel connected. It doesn't have to be this big thing.

—Dani, Partnered 13 Years

Does that sound awesome or does that sound awesome?! My heart is glowing from the impact this has already had on dozens of couple just like you, and I’m excited to turn you on to how POWERFUL a simple “date” can be!

Here’s how it works:

  1. At the beginning of the week, you will receive your “New Date Challenge” with instructions on exactly WHAT TO DO on your date that week based on awesome relationship tools.
  2. Each partner will be pre-designated (by me!) as either the “Date Night Driver” or the “Co-Pilot” for each week.
  3. You’ll plan and have your date! This can be 30 minutes or 3 hours. You can go out or stay home. This is all up to you to co-create with your partner!
  4. On Sunday or Monday Evenings (US time) you will have the chance to connect with other couples on our weekly “Sip & Share” calls. Grab your wine, kombucha, tea or water, and cuddle up with your loved one as you see how different couples interpreted and executed their date instructions. We will laugh, maybe cry, and celebrate LOVE! This is one of the most powerful parts of the program!
  5. After the Sip & Share call, you will then get your “New Date Challenge” for the next week.

This program is specifically designed to take people who are in a romantic partnership on an adventure and explore new things that lead to more connection.

It’s okay if you are experiencing a rocky place in your relationship right now or if you are feeling more “twitterpated” and more connected than ever.

You can be partnered for 20 days, 20 months, or 20+ years. You can be busy professionals with full calendars, you can be busy parents who don’t get a lot of “alone time,” you can be retired with “what do we do now” thoughts on your mind…or completely in a space where you’re ready to take on the world with your partner!

Fast forward four weeks from now. Your relationship can look exactly the same, or your relationship can be more connected, more sexy, more vibrant. That is what I really want for you!

Are you ready to go to the next level with me and accept The Great Date Challenge?

Challenge Accepted!
Let’s Do This!

Almost ready but have some questions first?
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Because we joined The Great Date Challenge, we allowed ourselves to try things we would not usually do.

—Rish, Partnered 8 Years

Check Out What People Are Saying About
The Great Date Challenge:

“The date you created was one of the highlights of our year!”

Partnered 12 Years

“Thank you. We did not realize how much this challenge was really needed for us. We had NO IDEA what we agreed to and for that I am grateful... We both talked about how great this experience has been for our relationship. 4 dates where our children and logistics were not mentioned once.

4 dates where we did not argue about little things bugging us. 4 dates where we did not use technology (except listening to music) or any screen time. Very cool accomplishment…

I am communicating with my husband in totally new ways. All in all, our communication and connection has truly improved. I think that we are in the best place we have been in many, many years.”

Partnered 11 Years

“Adulting gets in the way of real connection. It was so nice to have this intentional space to connect.”

Partnered 2.5 Years

“Dates often felt like a duty. THESE dates (coming from someone outside of our relationship) are so liberating and connected us in so many ways!”

Partnered 8 Years

“It’s nice to have a date where we are not talking about the baby and we are not talking about work, but actually talking about us.”

Partnered 8 Years

“I loved hearing everyone’s experience. I felt supported. It was really amazing, actually, how others offered help and checked in.”

Partnered 15 Years

“It was AMAZING. Love love loved it. I felt so loved and special, and I appreciated the opportunity to check in with my partner about what I can do to make sure they feel seen, heard, and loved...Taking the time to talk without distraction and be vulnerable together was so powerful.”


“I really enjoyed it, was fun to share and also hear other peoples stories, I felt really touched by some of the stories I was hearing so I was feeling all nice and warm inside hearing how it really had a big effect on some people. It was very sweet.”

Partnered 2 Years