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“Eri is an honest breath of fresh air in helping relationships grow with strong, positive communication and teaching people to co-create the relationship they desire.”

The Huffington Post (Read the full article here.)

“Whether you were referred to her book by a friend, heard her on your favorite podcast, subscribe to her newsletter, or are learning about her for the first time — Eri’s approach to relationships will give you a brand-new perspective on what a relationship CAN BE, and help you design the relationship you desire.”

Jolie Dawn
Best-selling Author, Empowered, Sexy and Free
#1 Selling Spirituality Book (Ranked with The Alchemist & The Power of Now)

“Eri’s bold new strategy really gets at the heart of what underlies frustrations in intimate relationships: difficulty with communication, trust, and honesty. Her approach, guided by insight and intuition, is smartly presented and something every relationship will benefit from.”

Fred Luskin, PhD
Director, Stanford Forgiveness Project;
Author, Forgive for Love: The Missing Ingredient for a Healthy and Lasting Relationship

“‘Say what’s not being said’ is one of my relationship mantras, and Eri does a wonderful job sharing tools that will help you and your loved ones find the words and the courage to be the change you want to see in the bedroom and design your ideal relationship.”

Reid Mihalko
America’s Favorite Sex Geek
Featured on The Oprah Winfrey Network and Netflix

“Eri’s frame on relationship agreements is fresh, intimate, respectful, and genuinely helpful.”

Sarah, Founder of Introverted Alpha

“Eri shared resources and experiences to help grow our relationship, a.k.a. “Sally”. She gave us tools and homework which help us truly hear each other and nourish our relationship. Eri brought a perspective of experience, joy, and curiosity to our work together that helped us connect in a beautiful way.”

Crystal, MD &
Steph, MD

“Eri has a gift for instantly transmitting the high level of trust one can place in her as a facilitator – allowing the free flow of deep-seated feelings and the revelation of the truth of who you really are. Her work is powerful in aligning all the disparate parts that make up an individual or a relationship. Her insights into the human condition and psyche are profound…”

John, Tech Founder &
Jessica, Fashion Designer

“My work with Eri still resonates in my life two years after we concluded our coaching engagement. In her coaching, she pushed me to pay attention to the details of my everyday life and to articulate why they are important to me. She has a gift for finding adventure and significance in the mundane and helped me honor those small keys to happiness in a way that I’m still thinking about years later. She helped me shift a habit of feeling stressed to one of celebration that has had a profound impact on how I manage stress and busy-ness. I can honestly say that my life is richer and calmer and, well, happier as a direct result our coaching together.”

Kathryn, MBA, Professional Certified Coach

“Working with Eri changed my life. With her help I was able to get un-stuck and move forward – something I had been trying to do on my own for several years without success.”

Mari, Google Inc.

“Eri’s coaching style is warm, accepting, and open. She is focused on helping you find the solutions that work for you rather than a one-size-fits-all-out-of-some-book-from-business-school solution. She gently leans into the uncomfortable conversations to move the dialogue forward. My time with Eri was well spent and irreplaceable. It got me to a place where I am much more clear on how to improve my skills to achieve my personal and professional goals.”


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