Great Date Escape


Stop Walking on Eggshells
and Holding Yourself
(and Your Relationship) Back

Turn things around and intentionally cultivate the relationship you desire and deserve – in a matter of weeks!

Is your relationship everything you dreamed it would be? Or do you ever feel like things could be better? 

Can you remember when you first fell in love, and for a while everything was fine… and then one day you realized that over time things had changed. You might not know exactly when or how, but your relationship sure isn’t the way it used to be. Maybe one day you realized that something was missing. Blasé was the new normal, and that spark of your unique romance had gone dim.

As much as you want, you just don’t know how to rekindle that spark.

Don’t you wish you could ‘just go back to the beginning?’

Yet, here you are…  

Perhaps you feel confused AND disconnected – the “DOUBLE WHAMMY!” – because you no longer feel you can go to your partner, since that results in more conflict and drama. The longer this goes on, the more you feel like you are walking on eggshells. You no longer feel sure of the long-term health of your relationship.

What happened? 

What changed? 

How did we get here? 

Will we make it?  

The walls have gone up between you. Your relationship is stuck in a loop of the same conflict over and over again. You feel lonely and miss your beloved. And yet, you feel so much animosity and resentment growing. You are ready for fight or flight at any moment, and you keep asking yourself:

“Who is this person I am with?“

“Where is the person I fell in love with?” 

“Who am I?” 

“Who are we?” 

You feel stuck. And that can be a scary and lonely place. 

This is NOT your fault. 

Most people have very little (or no) education in building and growing healthy relationships. We simply attract a mate, fall in love. And in the excitement of this newfound relationship, we believe everything will somehow be perfect forever.

Then eventually we develop ‘patterns of behavior‘ in response to how our relationship has evolved – or devolved!

You might find yourself spending more time in the same old routine such as on the couch together watching TV rather than going on adventures.

You might be sick and tired of riding the ups and downs of your relationship and really wish things would simply stay up.

Maybe you even feel some guilt – judging yourself about how you’re not showing up as the amazing partner you know you could be.

Although you still love your partner, you feel disconnected… emotionally and sexually.

Trying to connect seems like such a struggle that sometimes leads to a fight, causing even further distance between you. You could even be secretly terrified that your relationship is slowly deteriorating and you might face abandonment.

No wonder you feel stuck. 

Do you relate to any of this? If so, the feelings can be overwhelming and desperate.

I know.

You are not alone….

I know how you feel to be on this wild journey… being in a relationship with someone you love and who also can drive you crazy.

I am Eri Kardos, wife, mom, and relationship coach. I know how incredibly hard breaking the chains of behavior patterns and relationship cycles can be.

I see you. I understand your situation. No, I cannot take you back in timebut I do have something better for you… I can help you co-create the relationship of your dreams. 

I have discovered the solution…

The Great Date Escape 

The Great Date Escape will change your communication – the answer to forever stop the fighting, feelings of being trapped, walking on eggshells, and loneliness.

Imagine creating a new bond with your partner… one that transforms  your relationship into what you always dreamed of

After years of interviewing couples from across six continents to hear their collective stories and struggles,  I combined my decade plus experience of relationship coaching with my love of great dates, transformational tools, somatic practices, and communication techniques. I collected and studied all of my data and made some surprising discoveries.

All this data and experience helped create the amazing Great Date Escape. In 2018 I beta tested this program with hundreds of couples and saw real, lasting results. Now this program is used by top tech executives, Hollywood celebrities, World-Champion athletes, and ordinary people with extraordinary lives.

I am now dedicated to helping people in relationships around the globe go from “disconnected” to feeling deeply connected, confident, and empowered!

The Great Date Escape is a fun and transformational program designed to help you reconnect with your partner, and thrive together with the tools to ride off into the sunset!

The foundation is built around being seen, heard, loved, and accepted in a powerful way. We’ll visit how you got here, eliminate what has gotten you off course, and go down the path to your dream relationship.

This journey will allow you to safely open the doors to let your partner really know you again. The Great Date Escape is a powerful atmosphere for learning, growing, and cultivating your true superpowers as lovers and soulmates.

This experience will help you rekindle your passion and connection.

This is what’s possible for you in the Great Date Escape:

Co-creating the relationship of your dreams together is simple with the Great Date Escape. We get to do this together. I’ll be here with you each step of the way.

You’ll feel the freedom, relief, and connection as soon as the first session, and you can experience actual transformation in as little as three weeks. By the end of the program, you’ll have all of the tools you need for long-term relationship success.

Imagine experiencing the fun, gratitude, and peace you once felt with your partner… reliving the “puppy love” phase in a new and more meaningful way.

Imagine feeling empowered and easily able to use your voice to ask for what you want in your relationship (including in the bedroom)! Your partner will hear, understand, accept, and appreciate you. You can have a rich and rewarding relationship with your best friend and lover.

You’ll feel more connected than ever before. You can finally take off the mask and be YOU because your partner will appreciate you for who you are and want to bring that out even more. You’ll feel confident, powerful, and energized by your relationship.

“Eri is an honest breath of fresh air in helping relationships grow with strong, positive communication and teaching people to co-create the relationship they desire.”

—The Huffington Post


Eri Kardos

Eri Kardos is one of the most highly-referred relationship coaches globally, working with clients across 6 continents ranging from top tech executives to Hollywood celebrities to World-Champion athletes. Prior to becoming a coach, she received her MBA in Global Leadership from the #1 international business school in the world.

Eri is a former leadership development professional at where she partnered with business leaders and their teams around the globe.

Eri is the author of the best-selling book, Relationship Agreements: A Simple and Effective Guide for Strengthening Communication, Reducing Conflict, and Increasing Intimacy to Design Your Ideal Relationship.

Eri is known for her passion for helping people create powerful relationships with themselves and their partners – empowering you to have more passion, deeper intimacy, and live fuller, more authentic lives than you ever imagined.

Is all this really possible? 

Let my past clients tell you… 


Working with Eri changed my life. With her help I was able to get un-stuck and move forward – something I had been trying to do on my own for several years without success.”

-Mari, Google


“Eri breaks down all the elements that go into creating relationships that seem magical, showing that they are actually the result of self-awareness, good communication, and regular maintenance. In friendly, accessible language and with practical exercises, she provides the steps that can improve your current relationship or help you develop the one you’ve been dreaming about.

-Evie Vane, Sex-Positive Educator


With Eri’s approach you can deepen, enrich and successfully navigate even the sticky stuff. If you are searching for a simple step that will drastically improve the way you relate, as well as getting you in touch with what you truly need as an individual – this is it!”  

-Melissa Mango CHt, CNT, Sexological Hypnotist, Somatic Sex Educator 


“Eri has manifested an empowering and accessible program that has the potential to shift the way individuals communicate and articulate their needs, desires, and expectations within any given relationship.

-Madison Young, Author of “The Ultimate Guide to Sex through Pregnancy and Motherhood”


“Eri nails it!  She gives you simple tools that will enhance your relationships in ways you’ve never considered possible.

-Allena Gabosch, Long Time Relationship/Sexuality Coach, Educator, Activist & Founder of The Center for Sex-Positive Culture

“Eri shared resources and experiences to help grow our relationship. She gave us tools and homework, which help us truly hear each other and nourish our relationship. Eri brought a perspective of experience, joy, and curiosity to our work together that helped us connect in a beautiful way.” 

-Crystal, MD & Steph, MD


“Eri is absolutely awesome. She has a way of connecting with people with such ease. Before I even knew it, I was discovering things about myself that I didn’t even know were holding me back for many years. I didn’t realize how much I was stopping myself from being my true self. My kids have seen a difference just in how my attitude has changed and that I am focusing on being happy. My husband has seen the change because I am more about being not just happy myself but together. My husband and I had an absolutely amazing date, which we haven’t been on in over 2 years! Working with Eri has helped me feel empowered, curious, and alive again as a whole woman – not ‘just a mom or wife’” 

-Angela, Michigan


“What I love about her approach to life and coaching is that she has clearly done so much personal work on integrating those roles and using what she’s learned from them to benefit her clients. In every interaction, there’s a real sense of genuineness, playfulness, and presence. She’s professional without being intimidatingly distant/polished. She’s incredibly open-minded. It felt so nourishing to open up to her and her process, and she helped my partner and me to deepen our marriage and fall back in love. She’s an incredible model of lifting each other up rather than holding a scarcity mindset. She helps me notice things differently and reminds me of who I am as a whole person.” -Leah, Michigan


Lovely – Thank you, Eri! When you’ve been together for 33 years it’s tricky to find things you don’t know about each other. Was a great opportunity for us to recognize how connected we are and how much time we already give to sharing our hopes and dreams with one another.” -Debbie, UK


The Journey


I’m here to help you strengthen your relationship, stop walking on eggshells, find more connection with your partner, and enjoy the intimacy that brought you together in the first place.

And we get to have fun doing it!

No boring counseling meetings, no finger-pointing, no argumentative “he-said/she-said.”

Instead, I set you up on transformational dates that use all the relationship tools discovered from the insights of coaching hundreds of couples from over 20 countries around the world.

These are all in fun, and more importantly, connective dates. I realized many people don’t know what a date is.  If your date is “Netflix and Chill,” your relationship will never shift.

The Great Date Escape will transform your life.  The program will redefine “dating” for you, your relationship identity, and how you relate to your partner.

This is a radical transformation over 7 to 12 weeks that is fun and simple. I’m going to guide you the whole way.

Here’s how it works:

We start off with an opening call where I learn what’s happening for you, and help you identify the stuck points in your relationship.

I’ll then assign you your first date.

Then, you’ll come back every week and have a date with me. I’ll hold space for you, and hear you. I’ll help you navigate anything that comes up so you can effortlessly use your new skills to relate differently without the fights, finger-pointing, and this time – with more connection.

This is going to transform you in weeks for years to come. You will be able to relate in a completely new way.

One of my clients, (a famous Hollywood actor) calls me the “Kindergarten Teacher” who everyone can come to as an adult to talk about their problems and feel safe. That’s who I am for you.

I’m going to guide you, show you, and support you. I’ll never blame, judge, or invalidate anything you say.

I’ll allow you to experience the full version of yourself and your relationship in a grounded and no-BS way.

With the Great Date Escape:

Fighting stops, and anxiety and depression melt away

Trust will be rebuilt and you’ll once again see an exciting future together

Loneliness will become a distant memory that disappears and you’ll enjoy time with your partner and time to yourself

Fears that once held you back will fall away

Communication will flow easily

And you will…

Experience breathing room – no more walking on eggshells or carrying the weight of anger, resentment, and secrecy.

Finally have someone you trust that you can ask anything – even if it feels stupid, or like you “should” know the answer

Feel confident, powerful, and energized by your relationship

Know what you want and how to get it – sex will be fun and fresh

Have simple relationship tools that really work for the long-term


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