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In search of a dynamic, personal, engaging, and highly-interactive person to facilitate learning around personal communication skills? I create and deliver powerful  presentations and keynotes leveraging my background in leadership development, public speaking, and adult learning. I know how to read a room, engage a crowd, and leave people with a new sense of understanding.


Most of us did not grow up with great role models of how to connect and communicate well in relationships. As we grow up and set off on our own adventures in dating we soon discover that what we were taught is minimal and confusing at best. I am passionate about helping people create meaningful, caring relationships that grow together over time. It takes intention and an openness to explore new territory, picking up powerful new skills. Some of my workshop and presentation topics include:


  • Relationship Agreements
  • Communication Tools for Partners
  • Flirting 101
  • Ethical Non-Monogamy
  • Preparing for Marriage
  • Exploring Desire¬†
  • Conflict Resolution

“Eri embodies the kind of community everyone wants to be a part of: satisfyingly visceral and also safe. She does this through her thoughtful organization of the space and event flow as well as through her cultivated, yet unselfconscious, warm and open way of being. She is a woman truly comfortable in her own skin. I feel like I learn that by osmosis when I’m around her, and that’s in addition to the fresh and insightful content I pick up!”

Sarah, Founder of Introverted Alpha

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