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Engaging with and contributing to building my global community are important values in my life. Looking for a way to get involved? Some projects I am currently involved with which might pique your interest include:

Open Space/Unconference
Retreat Organizer & Facilitator

Tired of boring old conferences? I work with a variety of groups to organize and run Open Space/Unconference retreats ranging from single day to week-long events.

Hoffice Seattle

Organized through a closed FaceBook page, I am the Seattle Administrator for an international network aiming at creating fantastic, free work spaces – and make it thereby possible for people to realize their dreams.

Lean Coffee

This is a fun, unique, and effective way to get people talking about important topics. It is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Participants gather, build an agenda, and begin talking. I organize and run these events around the globe, bringing people together to discuss hot topics like self-marketing, relationships and intimacy, interview preparation in comparison to first dates, how to fight fair in love and business, and more.

Relationship Anarchy

An ethical non-monogamy discussion group comprised of over 200 members and based in Seattle. I am one of the four leaders organizing monthly meetings and ongoing educational opportunities for the community. Official website coming soon.

The Seattle Fusion Festival

An annual fusion dance festival taking place in Seattle. I head up the Invitational and am always on the lookout for great talent!

Sprout Grove

I am one of the founders of an intentional community focused on co-parenting and community education. We hold classes on a variety of subjects including conflict resolution, mediation, non-violent communication, and emotion coaching.

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