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As your relationship coach, I’ll help you move in the direction that you determine is right for your personal journey. Depending on what role is most helpful in the moment, I will be your coach, mentor, sounding board, mediator, guide, accountability partner, and cheerleader. I’m not here to analyze your past (a therapist is a wonderful resource for that) or tell you what to do (let’s talk consulting if that is what you want). Coaching is about the journey inward, discovering your blind spots, asking the hard questions, exploring the answers, and changing behaviors that will in-turn change your life.

What is it like to partner with me? I know myself well, have clear boundaries, and know how to get a clear message across using a variety of communication styles. I take my professional work seriously and I laugh with life. I’ll bring a creative, somatic, and thought-provoking way of exploring the world to our sessions and events. Using structured integral methodology, I will teach you new ways to experience life and give you powerful tools to help you navigate the transition.

In exchange, you will commit to being fully engaged – trying out new behaviors and doing your homework. The work that we do together requires a strong partnership with and a commitment to explore what may not always feel comfortable. My goal is to help you create positive, sustainable new ways of loving and working that have real, lasting results instead of just giving you a band-aid. We will design a program that works with our schedules – meeting on a regular basis (in-person or over video conferencing) and exploring relevant “homework” assignments in-between sessions.

Taking the first step and engaging with me is an investment in you, your relationship(s), and your career. It comes with lasting results that will change the way you connect with other people.

“My experience working with Eri as my coach, specifically with respect to a career change, left me wanting to explore other facets of my life with her coaching. Eri is clear, concise, and committed to my improvement when we are working together. She provides motivation by translating what can be complicated issues into common sense scenarios; being able to apply her vast resources of experience, intelligence, compassion, and spot-on intuition of what roadblocks lie in my path based on what I share with her. I left every session with specific attainable objectives and goals; always focused on discovering and developing my potential, improving my network and relationships, and enhancing my overall performance and happiness, both in my career and in my personal life. I can’t wait to read her publications and attend future workshops in addition to future coaching sessions!”

David, Microsoft

“Our relationship has needed a knowledgeable, skilled and patient guide to help us navigate areas that are new and sometimes confusing to both of us. Eri continues to be a coach we both trust will guide us toward our best selves. She has challenged and encouraged us to form new agreements in our marriage that are realistic, empowering and really exciting. The proof for us is that we find ourselves being more open, more honest and more together in everything we do as a couple, while not sacrificing the strong qualities that we individually bring to our partnership. We feel stronger after every session meeting with Eri.”

Mari, Attorney &
Jeremy, Musician and Writer

I’m ready to get started – are you?