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About The Book

“This book provides unique perspectives from thought leaders of many different backgrounds. That’s important because a key for reaching your greatness is learning from different people. Then, taking what you learn and formulating a plan for how to implement the ideas and strategies into your own personal and professional life.

In this idea-packed book, you will learn tips, ideas and strategies that will empower you to strive for greatness so you can achieve extraordinary results! This book will help you to reach your greatness!”

Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on the Hit TV Show, “Shark Tank”
Inventor of the Infomercial ($5 Billion in Sales on TV)

About Contributing Author, Eri Kardos (Secret #30)

Eri Kardos is one of the most highly referred relationship coaches in the Pacific Northwest and worldwide. Eri works globally with her clients: from the U.S. to Japan, from Argentina to India, from South Africa to Germany – Eri has delivered hundreds of self-development presentations, workshops, unconferences, and private coaching sessions. She regularly partners with corporations, universities, business groups, and community organizations to bring light to how communication and connection is inherently tied to success. She is passionate about applying her years of experience and understanding to help people in all stages of their relationship – whether intimately dating, newly married, at the brink of divorce, or partnered for over 40 years. Eri inspires people to fall in love more deeply with their partners, themselves, and their relationship!

“This book will help you achieve your dreams and goals!”

Brian Tracy
Legendary Speaker, Author, Trainer & Consultant
Top-Selling Author of 70 books
Spoken for 5,000,000 people in US, Canada, & 73 other countries

“If you want to positively change the direction of your life then read this book. It is filled with golden nuggets!”

-Joe Theismann, Legendary NFL World Champion Quarterback
NFL Football TV Commentator

“Achieving success leaves clues and this book is filled with hundreds of them!”

John Assaraf, CEO, NeuroGym
NY Times Best-Selling Author
Co-Star in the Hit Movie, The Secret

“Read this book and unleash your greatness!”

Forbes Riley, “The Queen of Selling on TV”
(Sold $2.5 Billion dollars worth of products on TV)
National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee