The Best-Selling Book
By Eri Kardos

“Eri is an honest breath of fresh air in
helping relationships grow with strong,
positive communication and teaching
people to co-create the relationship
they desire.”

—The Huffington Post

Top Seller Status:
14K books purchased on release day!

#1 Top Seller in the Kindle Store
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This book will inspire you to fall more deeply in love with your partner, yourself, and your relationship!

Internationally renowned relationship coach Eri Kardos presents what people around the world have been waiting for: a simple and effective guide to using RELATIONSHIP AGREEMENTS – a beautiful tool that unpacks the spoken and unspoken understandings that hold a relationship together so that each aspect can be articulated, understood, and explored. With her unique ability to create a space that is warm, inviting, and fun, Eri effortlessly breaks down this highly effective tool into simple and sensible sections while sharing advice, activities, self-reflections, and exercises that provide partners with step-by-step methods to successfully navigate potentially challenging topics while building more intimacy and connection through the process. With years of experience and expertise in this area, Eri boldly takes readers beyond the traditional constructs of what relationships have been and brilliantly paints a new perspective of what relationships can become: a living and breathing experience that grows as you grow!

“Eri’s bold new strategy really gets at the heart of what underlies frustrations in intimate relationships: difficulty with communication, trust, and honesty. Her approach, guided by insight and intuition, is smartly presented and something every relationship will benefit from.”

Fred Luskin, PhD
Director, Stanford Forgiveness Project;
Author, Forgive for Love: The Missing Ingredient for a Healthy and Lasting Relationship

“Whether you were referred to her book by a friend, heard her on your favorite podcast, subscribe to her newsletter, or are learning about her for the first time — Eri’s approach to relationships will give you a brand-new perspective on what a relationship CAN BE, and help you design the relationship you desire.”

Jolie Dawn
Best-selling Author, Empowered, Sexy and Free
#1 Selling Spirituality Book (Ranked with The Alchemist & The Power of Now)

“Eri nails it! Creating agreements, not rules, is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. Eri gives you simple tools to create agreements that will enhance your relationships in ways you’ve never considered possible.”

Allena Gabosch
Long Time Relationship/Sexuality Coach, Educator, Activist; Founding Member of The Center for Sex-Positive Culture, America’s Oldest and Largest Sex-Positive Organization

“Eri Kardos has manifested an empowering and accessible guide that has the potential to shift the way individuals communicate and articulate their needs, desires, and expectations within any given relationship. Creating relationship agreements is something that I always emphasize with in my own sexuality workshops, and I’m so thrilled that there is finally a book with a focus specifically on crafting this key document that honors the sacred connection between individuals. Essential reading for anyone and everyone interested in nurturing their relationship toward the people in this world they love and developing their communication tool box.”

Madison Young
Author, The Ultimate Guide to Sex
through Pregnancy and Motherhood

“The trouble with agreements is that we so often think we have them when we don’t. Oops — we forgot to actually talk about them! I’ve been there, and I don’t recommend it. Eri’s book walks you through actually talking and deciding what they are. Helpful!”

Betty Martin, DC
30-year Practitioner &
Pioneer in the Nature of Touch
Founder of

“Designing relationships is something I have been advocating for years with friends and clients, so when I saw Eri’s book on Relationship Agreements, I was overjoyed. Agreements help couples build and rebuild a solid foundation of trust, intimacy, and connection, which then allows them to have the adventure, passion, and love they so desperately crave. This book is both practical and inspiring. Every couple needs to read this!”

Natalie Vartanian
Life & Relationship Coach
Founder of

“When you hear the phrase relationship agreements, you might think it means something difficult to create or that it focuses on enforcing rules. Eri Kardos shows us that it can be a way to deepen connection, get new clarity and perspective about your relationship, and offer an exciting opportunity to make something wonderful. Plus, she does it with genuine care, respect, and love. This is an incredibly useful book, whether you’re just starting a relationship or you’ve been in one for decades.”

Charlie Glickman, PhD
Sexuality & Relationship Coach

“This practical guide applies to all relationship types and can transform any relationship…from work to family to romance!”

James Malinchak
Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show Secret Millionaire

“With her conversational yet respectful voice, Eri Kardos helps you navigate the murky waters of getting what you really want out of your relationships with her latest book, Relationship Agreements. Informative, easy to read, and engaging, Relationship Agreements lays out a road map that is accessible regardless of the stage of your relationship. Kardos effortlessly combines real-world testimonies from her clients, advice from experts, and perspective from her contributing author, Adam.

Whether you are starting anew, transitioning to a deeper intimacy in your current relationship, or discovering you want something more, Relationship Agreements will help you express, and achieve, your desires. Eri’s book is just a facet of the excellence she has to offer.”

Rachel Bowen
Consent Academy Curriculum Developer & Writer

“I wish I had this book 30 years ago when I started dating! Eri Kardos breaks down all the elements that go into creating relationships that seem magical, showing that they are actually the result of self-awareness, good communication, and regular maintenance. In friendly, accessible language and with practical exercises, she provides the steps that can improve your current relationship or help you develop the one you’ve been dreaming about.”

Evie Vane
Sex-Positive Educator

“‘Say what’s not being said’ is one of my relationship mantras, and Eri does a wonderful job sharing tools that will help you and your loved ones find the words and the courage to be the change you want to see in the bedroom and design your ideal relationship.”

Reid Mihalko
America’s Favorite Sex Geek”
Featured on The Oprah Winfrey Network and Netflix

“Eri’s frame on relationship agreements is fresh, intimate, respectful, and genuinely helpful.”

Founder, Introverted Alpha
Featured in Forbes & Cosmopolitan