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Hello beautiful, strong, courageous Mama! I am inviting you to join me for a free special event…

The 10-Day Beyond Mom-Mode Challenge!! Rediscover who you are, drop the mom-guilt, and recharge your mind, body, heart, and soul so that you are better able to love on your kids, partners, and communities.

…Because Mama, you are SO deserving of feeling energized, empowered, and supported!

Join me for 10 days, 10-minutes per day, and we’ll completely transform your entire experience of what it means to go beyond “mom-mode” and be fully YOU. As a Mom, I know how hard it can be to take even 10 minutes for yourself. When I realized the benefit this could have, I knew I needed to share it with other Mamas around the world. So let’s do this!

Each and every single day of the challenge you will receive…

1. Guided Morning Practice (2-5 mins)
Starting your day off feeling centered and balanced can transform the rest of the day and give you tools for returning to this place of grounding even when life is getting crazy. Using my training in dance, hypnosis, and coaching, I’ll lead you through a morning practice to help you start your day off with a moment of peace and quiet with just YOU. Yay for less yelling and more peace!

2. Soul-Whisperer Wisdom Video (5-8 mins)
Over the many years that I have been coaching I have gathered a collection of most-impactful tools that my clients love. These will completely transform how you connect with your own soul so that you can understand why you are feeling stuck in certain areas of life – and then break free from those nasty cycles. Yay for self-love and knowing you are more than enough!

3. Daily Challenge to Transform Your Life
Complete the mini-exercises to experience more love, abundance, ease, fun, and magic unfold in your life, and share your celebrations on our private Facebook group. Yay for growth & group support!

You’ll be connected to a group of awesome mamas from all over the globe, across diverse backgrounds, and together, you’ll be guided through a powerful experience to *really* nourish the nurturer. Get ready to be seen, heard, and witnessed in a whole new way. Yay for new friends who get me!

To increase the diversity within this challenge, I invited some of the most powerful women I know to come share their stories, tips, and resources with us throughout these 10 days together. These women are seriously mind-blowing…everything from multi-million-dollar business coaches/moms, to top sex and intimacy coaches/moms, to internationally-reknowned actors/moms. Yay for connecting with more incredible souls!

So, I am curious…

What would be possible for you and your family if you had a better intuitive sense of your own needs and desires? What if you felt comfortable asking for (and receiving) help to get what you want? What if you didn’t always have to be “super-mom”?

How would your relationship with yourself, your kid(s), and your partner change if time spent together was more connected and less buried in logistics?

I get so stoked about empowering Mamas to (re)discover who they are and create the life they desire. I’ve helped hundreds of women transform their world in my 10+ years of coaching. I have a passion for guiding Mamas to create new ways of living (and modeling) more connected, inspired, and radiant lives and more intentional ways of “relationshipping” for their families.

And guess what? As a mom of two incredible kids, I get how freaking crazy this job can get. I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in learning the tools I use with my family and I know what works and what doesn’t for most families. I also have over a decade of experience coaching people from all walks of life – including top tech executives, hollywood actors, artists, doctors, and badass stay-at-home Mamas. And now I want to share it with you.

Join us on Monday, March 16th- Friday, March 27th to create a new way of nourishing yourself, your kids, your partners, and your communities

“Eri is an honest breath of fresh air in helping relationships grow with strong, positive communication and teaching people to co-create the relationship they desire.”

—The Huffington Post

Being a Mom is one of the most (if not the most!) important roles on this planet. It’s a daily practice of showing up not just for your family, but for YOURSELF. This is the key piece Moms often forget. It’s about filling our cup first so that we can fill other’s cups from a place of overflow instead of running on empty.

I double-dare you to join me on this challenge. Together we will break free from our societal norms and cultural conditioning about having to constantly be super-mom. No more will we put everything and everyone ahead of ourselves. No more will we constantly be run on empty and feel like we are never enough.

If you choose to join us it means you are ready to recommit to your own heart and soul in order to live a life where peace, joy, and nourishment flow easily.

It takes a courageous Mama to say yes to herself and let go of the old stories and stresses of guilt, doubt, and unworthiness.

I’m so excited for all of us powerful Mamas to come together and change how we live and model self-love for our kids, our partners, and our communities!

With love and gratitude,
-Eri Kardos


“Eri is a mamma warrior! She has such a fun, relaxed way of connecting with people and making them feel like their thoughts and feelings matter. Eri is my go-to resource for how to balance work and play. She encourages and supports me when I need to step out of “mom-mode” to remember who I am. She asks questions to help me see the stories I tell myself that keep me stuck…and then gives ideas and support to create new ones that actually help me feel free and powerful. I can’t tell you how often I recommend her to other moms. Working with Eri helps me feel seen, heard, and radiant!”

“Eri is absolutely awesome. She has a way of connecting with people with such ease. Before I even knew it, I was discovering things about myself that I didn’t even know were holding me back for many years. I didn’t realize how much I was stopping myself from being my true self. My kids have seen a difference just in how my attitude has changed and that I am focusing on being happy. My husband has seen the change because I am more about being not just happy myself but together. My husband and I had an absolutely amazing date, which we haven’t been on one in over 2 years! I have also made it a point when I was invited out to a friend’s birthday party (even though I didn’t know anyone else there) I went and had a lot of fun! Working with Eri has helped me feel empowered, curious, and alive again as a whole woman – not “just a mom or wife””

“I’ve known Eri in a few different roles now, and what I love about her approach to life and coaching is that she has clearly done so much personal work on integrating those roles and using what she’s learned from them to benefit her clients. In every interaction, there’s a real sense of genuineness, playfulness, and presence. She’s professional without being intimidatingly distant/polished. She’s incredibly open-minded. It felt so nourishing to open up to her and her process, and she helped my partner and I to deepen our marriage and fall back in love. With her encouragement, I can be vulnerable and let go of my old stories of mom-guilt, of not being good enough, and of fear and comparison to every other super mom. She’s an incredible model of lifting each other up rather than holding a scarcity mindset. She helps me notice things differently and reminds me of who I am as a whole person.”

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