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International connection coach, speaker, and best-selling author – empowering people to connect and communicate more effectively in their relationships, career, and life.

  • My Academic Journey & Professional Career

  • How I Became a Communications Coach for Relationships & Careers

  • What Inspires Me

My Academic Journey & Professional Career

My academic journey began with a B.A. in Psychology with a focus on Sexuality from Michigan State University, followed by an M.B.A. in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and later became a certified Integral Coach through New Ventures West. I love learning and am a proud life-long -learner. I have studied in 8 different countries and learned from thought-leaders around the globe.

My professional career began as a manager at a non-profit organization in Boston. After completing my MBA I dove head-first into the world of Information Technology, working as a Human Resources leader across various roles at Cisco Systems, Inc. and I managed Amazon’s Work-From-Home national recruiting and served as an HR Business Partner for our Operations team in a fulfillment center, the Kindle team, and our Customer Service team. My passion for learning and development led me to design many leadership development opportunities and facilitate hundreds of training classes within these companies.

How I Became a Connection Coach for Relationships & Careers

My unique background in sexuality studies, human behavior, international business, and leadership development opened the door to working with a variety of people. After graduating from the world’s #1 International Business School and entering into a highly competitive leadership development program with a Fortune 100 company, I discovered that I could provide valuable resources to the next generation of leaders. I developed a process for teaching the invaluable networking, resume building, and behavioral interviewing skills I had developed along my journey and began coaching others through the process of attaining their dream jobs.

As an HR business partner I spent a lot of time coaching leaders on business strategy and human capital. Over time I developed relationships based on trust and earned credibility with many of these industry leaders. I began to learn about their lives outside of the office. They shared similar struggles and concerns with their relationships (or lack thereof). In many cases, the stress of these relationships had an impact on their ability to thrive at work and in other areas of life. I shared relationship tools I had gathered over the years with them and observed significant positive changes in happiness levels at work and at home as they applied these tools skillfully with my guidance.

I was hungry for more tools. I researched coaching programs and enrolled at New Ventures West. I studied integral coaching in San Francisco and Copenhagen for a year where I learned how to coach the whole person and added to my toolkit. Upon completion I began coaching people in my limited free time. I was hooked. Through referrals I partnered with leaders from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, coaching them through life transitions and guiding them to healthier relationships.

What Inspires Me

My passions for good food, dance, travel, and great connection are consistent themes in my life and if there is an adventure to be had I’ll be the first to volunteer.

I love food – good food that is! It may be good for the whole body or simply good for the soul. I seek out opportunities to enjoy the art of great chefs and share my feedback with the world via Yelp reviews and personal recommendations to travelers. Every Sunday our family cooks together as an act of sharing community and creating a week’s worth of wholesome, yummy, and creative dishes to enjoy together. Whether a home-cooked meal or exploring the culinary options, I like to be intentional and curious about what I choose to put into my body.

I love movement and connecting to the world through it. I am a bit of a somatic psychology nerd – always looking for new tools to understand how our bodies work and how we can understand ourselves better through them. Dance, acro-yoga, rock climbing, sky-diving, circus arts, hiking, and fire dancing are just a few of the different activities I have explored. In my free time you can often find me on the dance floor. I have been a dancer for over 28 years and am quite in love with “fusion” style partner dancing at the moment.

In 2014 I packed a carry-on bag and set out to explore the globe for 9 months, visiting 15 countries across 5 continents. I gave back to our global community through voluntourism, grew as a global citizen, and networked with amazing people. I also volunteered on a variety of projects including rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals (Costa Rica), teaching impoverished children (Peru), serving at a soup kitchen (South Africa), and volunteering with children in a HIV clinic (South Africa). Thanks to this epic trip, I visited my 47th country!