Free Tips for Along Your Journey

Need expert advice immediately that is packed with a powerful punch? Engaging with me as your consultant gives you that option. This is not coaching – we will not be taking the journey inward to discover your long-term life transformations. This is the emergency call when things are falling apart and you need someone to swoop in and put your train back on its track. When I wear my consulting hat, I am AM telling you what to do in the short-term.


When is consulting the right answer? When you have little time to prepare for the interview you just landed with your dream company; When your relationship is going to explode without mediation; When you find out you have a key presentation to give by the end of the week; When you feel like your heart can’t go on; When you feel like you need a boss or drill sergeant instead of a coach. These are usually 1 – 3 hour sessions where we move quickly to get you the resources you need and teach you the necessary skills to execute like a pro. Most of my clients enter into a coaching relationship after the consulting session to take a less reactive and more proactive approach for future situations. If this is where you or someone you love are at, please contact me.